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China is booming. With massive domestic and foreign investment, an able workforce and its entrance into the WTO, the rise of China is affecting and will continue to affect global economy in a dramatic way. Many Canadian and US companies and organizations are developing their stratagem to grab these extraordinary opportunities. Many of us have already benefited from China's growth, in areas such as education, the auto industry, the resource sector, financial services and travel industry.

Our unique China Ready – Chinese Culture Training program is specially designed for Canadian, US business people, weather you are here at home ready to serve your Chinese customers or are thinking of traveling to China seeking great opportunities, we can help you get ready.

With a strong education background both in China and North America, our team will custom design your training programs for your business needs. Generally speaking, the training will involve basic Chinese (mandarin) conversation, culture differences, what you should know as you travel to China, the problems you may face in your unique business situations, and we can even help you look for the right person and/or parties for your business development in China.


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