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Air To China (From Toronto)


  • 加航多倫多直飛北京/上海810起另稅(6個月有效)
  • 加航多倫多直飛香港1134起另稅(6個月有效)

  • 海南航空公司多倫多至北京及中國各大城市570起另稅(30天有效)

  • 美國大陸航空公司多倫多至北京/上海690起另稅(3個月有效)
  • 美國大陸航空公司多倫多至香港748起另稅(3個月有效)
  • 西北航空公司多倫多至北京/上海/廣州/臺北等600起另稅(3個月有效)
  • 大韓航空多倫多至香港/廣州/瀋陽等1120起另稅(6個月有效)
  • 中國民航多倫多至北京/廣州/及內陸各大城市950起另稅(6個月有效)
  • 國泰航空公司多倫多至香港/廣州/福州等各大城市1350起另稅(6個月有效)


  •  Air Canada Toronto to Beijing or Shanghai direct flight from CAD810+tax (Maximum stay 6 months)
  • Air Canada Toronto to HongKong direct flight from CAD1134+tax (Maximum stay 6 months)
  • Hainan Airlines Toronto to Beijing or other Chinese cities from CAD570 +tax ( Maximum stay 30 days)
  • CONTINENTAL AIRLINES Toronto to Beijing or Shanghai from CAD690+tax ( Maximum stay 3 months)
  • CONTINENTAL AIRLINES Toronto to HongKong from CAD748+tax (Maximum stay 3 months)
  • NORTHWEST AIRLINES Toronto to Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou or Taipei from CAD600+tax( Maximum stay 3 months)
  • KOREAN AIR LINES Toronto to HongKong or Guangzhou or Shenyang from CAD1120+tax ( Maximum stay 6 months)
  • Air China Toronto to Beijing or Guangzhou or other Chinese cities CAD950+tax ( Maximum stay 6 months)
  • CATHAY PACIFIC Toronto to HongKong or Guangzhou or Fuzhou or other Chinese cities from CAD1350+tax ( Maximum stay 6 months)



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Visitors to Canada Emergency  Hospital/Medical Insurance


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Visiting Parents: from CAD1.45/day

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from CAD1.45/day


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